ATTENTION: We are required to electronically verify your age. An accurate billing address is essential for this process. If you have recently moved to a new location, you should use the billing address that is on file with your bank. If we are unable to verify your age electronically, we will be required to contact you and request a valid form of Identification be submitted to us before we can release your order. For more information email

CA RESIDENTS: Residents of California are required to be 21+ years of age to purchase Electronic Cigarette products. We are also required to verify your order by phone and must request a valid photo ID, so please allow for additional processing time. If you’d like to preemptively submit a copy of your photo ID, please email it to with the subject line “CA Resident ID Submission”. Be sure to include your full name and billing address, or alternatively your Order # in the email. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: Your billing Zip Code must match what is on file with your bank as our payment gateway uses AVS Security (Address Verification System). If the billing zip code does not match the information on file with your bank your transaction will be declined for security reasons. When transactions are declined in this manner on a debit card, the funds will be held by your bank for up to 4 business days, so be sure the billing information is accurate before proceeding with your order.

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